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Day 71

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Sunday, October 14, 2018 - Black Mesa Casino, San Felipe, NM, Day 4, 0 Miles, 5,243.8 Miles for the Trip

For those interested, I added the evening glow & fireworks photos to yesterday's page.

Because it too so long to get into the park on Saturday morning (we missed much of the morning glow & dawn lift offs) we decided to leave even earlier this morning - up at 3:30 and on the road at 4:30. No traffic on the road, and we were directed to the closest handicap parking lot, just a short walk to the main gate, i.e., we were about an hour early. Only problem - it started to rain, and the wind picked up. The morning glow (about all that was scheduled for the day) was called off. The good - our tickets can be used next year. Of course that only works if we are back next year, but who knows?

After heading back to the campground at 7:30AM, we all napped a bit, then headed to Santa Fe to see some sites recommended by one of Don's designers who lived there before coming to Binghamton. It wasn't the ideal day for sightseeing with fog, and light to medium rain off & on (mostly on). We did see the Loretto Chapel with its spiral staircase to the choir loft. While claimed as a miracle in that it doesn't have a center pole, I can't see anything that couldn't be done by a good carpenter. Maybe I've spent too much time dealing with stage sets! In any case, a pretty chapel both inside & out.

We ate lunch at the Plaza Cafe, highly recommended by Jane & Michael Stern in one of their Roadfood series. Good food, although the first fish taco I've eaten that requires the use of a knife & fork; you can't pick it up to eat.

After that we drove to the Santa Fe Ski Area. While too early for skiing, it wasn't too early for snow. A couple of inches of wet show at the top of the mountain (which was around 10,500'). After driving to ski area we headed home, stopping a few times for photos. We did get a few photos of the turning aspen. Pretty, but not up to an Adirondack Fall.

The Staircase Loretto Chapel Downtown Santa Fe
The Movie Theatre At the Santa Fe Ski Area Aspen Vista Picnic Ground
Aspen Vista Picnic Ground 10,241' Going Home
Going Home A Campsite Along the Road My Waterfall For the Day! A Rainbow Going Home

We arrived back at the campground around 6:45. It is definitely cooling off. Around 43°F here in the campground. It was 37°F at Santa Fe, going down to freezing at the Ski Area. Dinner, if any, will be cheese & crackers. Lunch was filling!

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