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Day 76

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Friday, October 19, 2018 - City of Rocks State Park, Deming, NM, Day 3, 0 Miles, 5,526.3 Miles for the Trip

Today was a big move; from site E7 to E4, which involved backing across a gravel road. I did learn at least one lesson. I left my water hose connected & tucked the free end into the trailer bumper. While backing, it caught on the campground water spigot, and caused one side of the trailer connection to jump a thread, i.e. it cross threaded the water connection. Took about 10 minutes with a pair of pliers to straighten things out. The moral? Don't take shortcuts! I should be here in one of the host sites for three days unless the new hosts show up earlier than they planned, in which case I'll have to move. In any case, I will have to move Monday.

Other than that the move was simple. I now have a nice view out the back of the trailer. I took a few photos during the afternoon, and later at sunset. I'm not sure it will be a good night for star photos because the moon is already up & pretty bright. The afternoon was beautiful. Around 72°F and mixed sun & clouds. A little too much wind, but I did get to sit outside for a couple of hours.

In Front of the Trailer Out the Back Window Out the Back Window Lots of Moon


Dinner was a chicken Parmesan frozen dinner (well, it wasn't frozen when I ate it!).

Until Tomorrow -


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