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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - Big Bend National Park, TX, Day 10 - 0 Miles, 6,034.6 Miles for the Trip

Not quite as cold as predicted, but a long way from a warm, cozy night. By 8:00 the furnace started cycling (set at 56°F), it was down to 36°F by morning, and only 48°F at 2:00PM. I finished Wilber Smith's Men of Men, and started Rick Riordan's Widower's Two-Step. So far, so good. I decided to make use of the clear skies (on the solar panels) and microwave a Tai Pei Orange Chicken meal for lunch - I'll have a sandwich for dinner. Even after the 5 minute microwaving, the batteries are full at 2:00.

I decided to recheck the hot spring along the Rio Grande, mostly for something to do. Not much different from the last time a couple of years ago. There are a bunch of buildings near the parking area that, at one time was a resort. The park service is restoring them, although very slowly; not much has changed since the last time I photographed them. I'm glad the hot spring is hot - the air temperature was in the high 40's but it was full of people. I'm also including a photo of the clouds at sunset over the mountains behind the campground.

Sunset Over the Campground Closed Resort Closed Resort The Hot Spring
Closed Resort      

As mentioned, dinner will be a sandwich.

Until Tomorrow -


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