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Thursday, May 10 - Fairview Campground, Winchester, TN - 191.5 Miles Today, 1398 For the Trip

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For the start of my second week I spent most of the day driving down US 231. I took a short jog east on US 64 to get to the Fairview Campground in Winchester, TN. I'm in site 78, Water & Electric for $20.00. You have your choice of sun or shade - because it is fairly late in the day I chose sun - somewhat more level sites & less sap dripping on the trailer & car.

I did hear on the news that the man on our tour didn't make it. I feel for his wife & family, although it is the way I would prefer to go - traveling rather than days or months in a hospital bed.

Fairview Campground is part of the TN State Park system. The sites are nice, with about 1/2 of them on the lake. The campground host said the lake is lower than normal which is why there are so few campers. It looks like a great place to spend some time. While the campsites are nice (although 30 amps, so the big guys might complain) the bathrooms are a little rough. Clean, but old. You know, there are lots of sites that have reviews of campgrounds that include photographs of the sites; I think I should start one that has photographs of the bathrooms! There sure is a wide range, and the quality, shower stall size, cleanliness, etc doesn't always follow the cost of the campsite. Then again, I know many RVers don't ever use the bathrooms anyway so it would probably make more sense for a tenting web page. Sounds like too much work anyway!

I'm going to grill a pork tenderloin for dinner. Far too much meat for one, but I'll be able to make sandwiches for a day or two so it will work. It may be a bit difficult - the Coleman grill is not the greatest at producing a low temperature setting; I'll have to keep a closer eye on it than on my home grill.

Fairview Campground, Winchester, TN
Fairview Campground, Winchester, TN
Fairview Campground, Winchester, TN
Fairview Campground, Winchester, TN
Site 78, Fairview Campground
The Shady Sites
The View From the Shady Sites
A Typical Tent Site

Well, the pork tenderloin was a success, along with fresh asparagus. Not bad for a camping meal.




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