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Friday, May 18 - Balmorhea State Park, TX -195.8 Miles Today, 2,862.9 For the Trip

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More driving along I 10 in Texas. Lots of wind today. Wish it was behind me since that would improve the gas mileage, but then it could have been a headwind. It was cross winds, and I could definitely feel them as I hit the road cuts through the hills. Nothing too hairy, but you could tell when it stopped & started.

I stopped for the night (well actually, early afternoon) at Balmorhea State Park, Site 20. It has water & electric & boy, do I need the electric. While the weather report says it is going to hit 95°F, my outdoor thermometer says 108°F. I thought it might be lying since it is inside the LP tank cover, but I opened the cover to let more air through & it went up to 116°F. No matter how you look at it, it's hot! Maybe not to a Texan, but I live on a lake where we rarely break 90F. Of course this is "dry heat" what ever that is! I wish the photo could show the heat, but you will just have to imagine it.

Site 20, Balmorhea State Park, TX
Balmorhea Campground
A Sign
Site 20
A Sunset View
Info About the Spring
Info About the Cienega
A turtle
A turtle
The Cienega
A Turtle
Another Turtle
The Cienega

The park is OK, but other than a roof over the picnic tables, there is no shade. I did wander around the park & found the swimming pool fed by the San Solomon Spring & the Cienega (a kind of swamp) that they rebuilt after the pool installation destroyed the original. Filled with turtles, catfish & minnows.

The AC is going & even in this heat the temperature in the trailer is fine. I'm going to wait a bit before I go outside to sit & read. Not sure what will be for dinner - I know there will be left over rice from yesterday, but I haven't decided what will go with it. It is probably a good day for something other than milk to drink since I dumped what was left of the last half gallon. It wasn't bad, but milk tends to pick up local flavors, depending on what the cows eat, and I really didn't like it.

Well, dinner was canned soup. I didn't want to fire up the grill so I knocked off one of my "emergency" meals. By the way, it is now 11:08 & it is still 83°F outside (and, of course the thermometer is not in the sun!) I may restart the AC - I tried it with it off to cut down the noise but it is pretty warm inside.

That's about it for the day. hope to have some photos of the Guadalupe Mountains tomorrow.


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