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Monday, August 13 - Camp Hale, CO - 22.3 Miles Today, 12,595 For the Trip

I had a nice surprise when I got back to the Tabor Campground after a visit with Anne in Leadvile - a former student & friend Phil was waiting at the trailer. He and his family had been camping in the area, but his son got sick & his wife took him home. We had a good talk about old times, catching up on things & life in general. Phil stayed in a tent next to the trailer with the blessing of the campground host.

Over coffee in the morning we did much the same, then he headed bach to Denver & I was off to Camp Hale for the 2nd Rocky Mountain Rendezvous. Unfortunately, is will be difficult to update the page - neither AT&T nor Verizon has a signal at the campground. So, I'm disconnected from the world until I drive into Leadville, about 14 miles to the south. It isn't the most pleasent of mornings - a steady but light rain & cool, about 48°F outside at 12:00. I'll probably drive into Leadville to see Dick & Anne this afternoon & hope things clear up later. The solar panel is in the sun (well, not quite correct - it is not in the shade, but the sun is hiding!) and cranking out a measly .4 amps, enough to very slowly recharge the batteries. I hit them pretty hard this morning making a full pot of coffee. They are back up to around 95%...

Unless it clears up, there won't be any photos other than the usual campground shot:

Camp Hale Group Campground

Until Tomorrow -


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