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Day 37, July 17, Oswego, NY - 40.0 Miles, 3638.2 For the Trip

Well, here is the final page of the trip, a day late & a dollar short. Actually, 2 days late and, after traveling for over a month, probably more than a dollar short, but I couldn't find an idiom for 2 days late!

Anyhow, I made the short drive back to Oswego with no problems. My garden is overgrown, the rabbits ate the peas before I left & got the beans while I was away. The weeds slowed down most of the rest, but the tomatoes are doing well and a few of the peppers. Tons of blackberries & blueberries.

I went to the local band concert at Breitbeck Park. Not a bad place to watch the sunset & listen to some live band music. I didn't take my camera, so you will have to suffer a iPhone photo.

Other than that, it was unpacking the trailer, and moving into the house. It is still hot - it has been in the 90's°F for the last 4 days & is expected to do the dame until Sunday. What is worse, it doesn't cool down at night. Usually, the near by Lake Ontario leads to 60°F nights during most of the summer - last night it went down to 76°F. Since all I have is a small window AC in the house (smaller than the one for the trailer) I keep considering moving into the Escape!

Band Concert

Band Concert - Breitbeck Park

Next weekend is Oswego's big summer celebration - Harborfest. I hope for good weather & getting a good location to photograph the fireworks. I haven't been in Oswego for the "Fest" for 3 years so it will be nice to attend. The week after that I'm off to SpieidieFest in Binghamton, and the week after that to Nantucket.

Until Next time -


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