Chiricahua & Apache Museums, Rodeo, NM

March 3rd, 2020

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One of my favorite stops on my various trips to the southwest to avoid Oswego's 200 inches of lake effect snow (this year's trip to the Southwest), is at Sunny Flats, a small forest service campground near Portal & Paradise, AZ. On the way, I have always passed the Chiricahua & Apache Museums on NM 80. It is on the border of NM & AZ, with the campground in AZ. On a rainy, cold (47°F at noon) day I decided it was time for the 10 mile drive to see what was inside the museums. The entry fee of $10.00, $7.00 for seniors is paid at the gift shop.

Lots of display cases with pots old tools, and, for those interested, rattlesnakes and other desert reptiles. The Apache museum is in the building next door and has lots of exhibits of the history of the Apache tribes & their battles during the settlement of the southwest, and timelines of the settlement of the Americas, both by the Native Americans & the Europeans. Some photos:

From the Apache Museum

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