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Day 33, Sunny Flats Forest Service Campground, Portal, AZ, Day 2

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Friday, November 22, 2019 - Sunny Flats Forest Service Campground, Portal, AZ, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 3166.3 Miles for the Trip

A cool night at 39°F, although warmer than the predictions for Deming at 29°F. We are at 5200', so I expected cool nights. In fact, as I wandered the campground, I took a photo of a nearby mountain not that much higher than here that is covered with snow.

The furnace worked like a champ. I set it a t 63°F while I was awake, and down to 61°F when I went to bed. Lots of fog in the valley during the morning, but lots of sun. I was down to 80% on the batteries after breakfast, with a prediction by the Victron Controller that I'd be back to full by around 3:00, assuming that the fog doesn't get heavier.

I took a couple of walks around the campground, met a few of the others staying here, most for only one night. Took a few more photos, then headed back to the trailer for some reading.

Sunny Flats Sunny Flats Sunny Flats Sunny Flats
Almost Sunset Out the Back Window Morning Fog A Jay?
Sunny Flats Sunny Flats Sunny Flats
Snow The Stream Morning Fog Dog Crap Photo
Campsite The Stream    

After lunch I made another loop around the campground. Found an interesting image and to avoid a overhead branch, took one step off the road, into a lightly covered pile of dog poop. Spent the next hour scraping, scrubbing, washing, and brushing the soles of my shoes - incidentally, the soles with the most complex pattern of any I own. At least it had warmed up enough (67°F) that sitting outside was comfortable. After cleaning up my shoes, I sat out & read for most of the afternoon. The batteries were back to full by 1:00.

I drove about 10 miles out of the campground until I found an AT&T signal & posted today & yesterday's pages.

Dinner was a Lean Pockets Chicken & Broccoli sandwich.

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