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Day 148, Jimmie Davis State Park, Chatham, LA

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Monday, March 16, 2020 - Jimmie Davis State Park, Chatham, LA, 184.9 miles, 5,942.1 Miles for the Trip

Boy is a diesel bus loud! I know the older diesels require a bit of run time before pulling out, but this one, with the exhaust 5' from the back of my trailer, ran at a fast idle for 14 minutes before they left. At least it was around 8:00, so I decided to start my day.

I packed up the trailer, and hit the road around 9:30. Most of the drive on US 165 & US 167 to Jonesboro where I stopped at the Walmart. No luck finding the thick cut turkey deli I like, but I did pick up a package of baby back ribs.

I pulled into Jimmie Davis State Park around 2:00, and was assigned site #12. Again, 1/2 off the normal fee for being over 62, $13.85 per night with fees & taxes. Since I didn't make a reservation, the same fee was called a transaction fee. I still can't complain - $13.85 is even less than New Mexico's $14.00 for a water & electric site, which I had often pointed out as the least expensive state park system in the country.

Site 12 Burrowing Crayfish Home

I sat outside reading, a series of novelettes on the Kindle written for Amazon by Dean Koontz - current is The Praying Mantis Bride in the Nameless series,. Each only takes an hour or so to read, and while I usually pass on short stories, by the time I realized that they were not full length novels, I had already downloaded all 5, and got hooked. I finished 2 & have 3 to go.

I finally found both a classical NPR radio station & an NPR news station on FM radio. Only problem is the news station was in the middle of a fund raiser.

It looks like it rained recently & there is a strange mud tower in the grass in front of my site. I did a Google search for "small mud tower in lawn" and am pretty sure it is home to a burrowing crayfish.

Dinner was a short rack of baby back ribs & Kraft Mac & Cheese.

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