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A note on Photographs - All of us are taking pictures - I'll do my best to give photo credits with an initial, but if I miss one be sure to let me know! J = Jon, D = Don, A = Anne & C = Carol. You can usually tell Anne's - her camera puts the date on the image! Also, most of the images are scans of old & faded prints, so the quality may not be all that hot.

July 7 - El Paso, TX (161mi)

After the morning in the Cavern we spent the rest of the day driving to El Paso, Texas. Stopped at the Motel 6 (Room 125) - too hot for tenting, particularly after two days in a 58 degree cave! Some pretty scenery on the way.

Along US RT 62/180 (A)
El Paso, TX (A)
Motel 6 El Paso, TX (A)

We really didn't do much other than drive, eat & sleep today. Tomorrow we will continue on towards our next planned stop - the Painted Desert & Petrified Forest.


July 8, Chopes Bar & Bluewater State Park, NM (388mi)

We are back in New Mexico - made a detour to La Mesa, NM a small town a little south of Las Cruces. I have a tee shirt from Chopes Bar & Grill that I like a lot - a gift from ex student Cathy Coulter when she hung out there while attending the University of New Mexico. She graduated from Oswego with a BA in Music, then went on for a Masters in Engineering - if you need to ask why, how many music majors are working at Boeing? Anyhow, my hot pepper tee shirt will have to last a few years longer. Chopes was closed so no shirt, and no green chili enchiladas reputed to be the hottest in the world!

After a beautiful drive through the Cibola National Forest & the Gallinas Mountains, we stopped for the night at Bluewater Lake State Park (about 25 miles west of Grants, NM), site E11. The views from the campsite are wonderful. We had a couple of thunderstorms around dusk & into the start of the night - tried for some lightning shots, but although I'll include one here, they were not that good.

On the Way to Bluewater, NM (D)
On the Way to Bluewater, NM (A)
Lightning Strike (J)
Bluewater Lake State Park (J)

The campground is very well kept up - nice bathrooms, clean sites, etc. One interesting note - the lights in the bathrooms are on a motion detector. You walk in & they come on. Works great except if you are the only one in the building, and are in a stall. Boy, it gets dark! No long reading sessions sitting on the john in this park! They do come back on as you open the stall door.


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