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A note on Photographs - All of us are taking pictures - I'll do my best to give photo credits with an initial, but if I miss one be sure to let me know! J = Jon, D = Don, A = Anne & C = Carol. You can usually tell Anne's - her camera puts the date on the image! Also, most of the images are scans of old & faded prints, so the quality may not be all that hot.

June 12 Stone Mountain, Georgia (224mi)

My notes for this morning start out with "Rain, Rain, Rain, Fog, Fog, Fog. Not that I'm complaining, but so far it has rained every day. Our plan is to drive to Georgia & check out Stone Mountain. We found we were just going to miss South Carolina, so I guess we can't count that as one of our "States Traveled." We did stop at the Old Grouch's Military Surplus store in Clyde, NC & picked up a new poncho liner as well as some other essentials. We also found a Laundromat. After 10 days of rain, it was definitely time - we each ended up doing 3 washer loads.

Although Stone Mountain is listed as an amusement park, we were mostly interested in camping & seeing the evening show projected against the rock, or maybe I should say ROCK! That is one big piece of granite. Our campsite (B67) is really nice; right on a lake with lots of room, and close to the bathrooms (important for us old folks.) Lots of activities on the lake - many different birds, a paddle wheel going by every hour or so as well as many fishermen.

After setting up the campsite it was off to the mountain to see the show. You can either walk to the field in front of the mountain, take an old steam locomotive or drive. We got good seats towards the back of the field. An interesting, well done show filled with films, slides, lasers, etc. I have to admit, it is one of the few times I got a chance to feel like a minority - the show has a "The South Will Rise Again" feeling, you really don't feel like letting anyone know you are from the North.

Oh, and by the way, the streaks on the carvings of the southern generals that look like rain water running down the face of the mountain is just what it looks like.

Site B67, Stone Mountain
The "Scarlett O'Hara"
Us minus Anne Waiting for the Show
Site B67, Stone Mountain (A)
The "Scarlett O'Hara" (A)
Us minus Anne Waiting for the Show (A)
Stone Mountain, GA
The Generals, Stone Mountain, GA
Stone Mountain, GA (D)
The Generals, Stone Mountain, GA (J)

After the show it was back to the campground. Tomorrow we will continue to head South. Till next time!


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