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A note on Photographs - All of us are taking pictures - I'll do my best to give photo credits with an initial, but if I miss one be sure to let me know! J = Jon, D = Don, A = Anne & C = Carol. You can usually tell Anne's - her camera puts the date on the image! Also, most of the images are scans of old & faded prints, so the quality may not be all that hot.

June 16 - Bahia Honda State Park & Key West, FL (334mi)

We left this morning at 11:00, again heading down US 1 for the Keys. Carol & I went to Key West a couple of years ago during Christmas and had a great time, so we thought it would be a good place to show Don & Anne. Along the way we stopped at a number of gift shops, and a dive shop to buy some inexpensive flippers, masks & snorkels.

As we crossed bridges between the keys, you can see parts of the old Highway 1 built on Henry Flagler's abandoned railroad bridges. The story of the building & destruction of his dream is interesting. We stopped at Bahia Honda State Park on Bahia Honda Key, and rented site 58 in the Sandspur tent camping area for 3 days. The sites are a little tight - we can only park one car near the tents, but a great view of the ocean. Although it is 35 miles from Key West, we weren't sure we could find something closer. It is very hot! I know, first we complain about rain, and now that it has stopped, we are still whining. Hey, we are on vacation - everything is suppose to be perfect! We gave in & bought fans for the tents. We usually get an electric site because Don has an electric cooler - sure does save on ice. The fans help even though they look a bit out of place.

7 Mile Bridge Between Bahia Honda & Marathon (D)
Our Tent & New Fan (A)
Old US 1 (D)


After setting up the tents, we headed into Key West. We are headed for dinner and the "Sunset Celebration" at Mallory Square.

A Sunset at Mallory Square (D)
Don & Anne (J)
Jon & Carol (A)

For the next 3 days we drove back & forth between the campground & Key West. Did some snorkeling at Bahia Honda - it is suppose to be one of the best beaches in the keys. I guess it probably isn't a good idea to go to the keys for their beaches since we weren't impressed... The Mallory Square celebration was interesting. Something different each evening. Fire eaters, tight rope walkers, jugglers, etc all doing their thing, all at once. The square is right on the dock, so you can watch the boats coming & going as well as the show.

Mallory Square Tight Rope Walker
Sailing Past the Square
Don & Anne & a Shark
Mallory Square Tight Rope Walker (D)
Sailing Past the Square (J)
Don & Anne & a Shark (J)

Don & Anne are taking a break from the trip & flying back to Binghamton for a couple of days to attend Don's brother Peter's wedding. We will meet them at Mike & Linda's on Sunday, the 23rd.


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