Oceanside 2014
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Karin, Brian, Valerie & Zoe are on another "Home-stay" visit to the US from Botswana. So, I'm back on the road, unfortunately, without the trailer. It is sitting in the driveway in pieces (not the trailer, but much of the insides) - I'm doing some wiring projects that I discovered needed doing while on the last trip. I drove down to Oceanside, Long Island to Brian's parents house for a couple of days. 316 miles, but without the trailer it was much faster than normal.

By the way, don't attempt to make a route without tolls to Long Island from Oswego. I wondered why the GPS took forever to do a route to their house, found it was 650 miles & 13 hours! I had set the GPS for no toll roads to avoid the NY Thruway for the trip home from Letchworth State Park & forget to reset it.

The drive down was OK, although far too much traffic for me. Of course I took some photos.


Valerie & Zoe
Valerie & Zoe
Dinner at Olive Oils

After settling in, Bert & Pam took us to Olive Oils for dinner. Right now the kids are asleep & everyone else is settling in watching a Yankee game on TV.


Tuesday morning was pool time, after which we went out to the new bay house. Hurricane Sandy did in the original bay house and the replacement is underway. The outsides are pretty near finished, while there is still work to go on the insides. This one is quite a bit higher off the water; hopefully it will survive the next hurricane!

While at the bay house, Zoe got to try her new boots for a walk through the marsh. While Valerie loves the idea & led the hike, Zoe wasn't quite as enthused, particularly after a mis step that landed her in a hole over the tops of her boots.

Karin & Zoe
Loading the Boat
Bay House
Brian & Zoe Ready to Go
Brian & Valerie With Wind in Their Hair
The New Bay House (On Left)
Old Bay House (2010)
Bay House
Inside the Old Bay House (2010)
A Visitor
Walking in the Marsh
Walking in the Marsh
Dumping the Boots
The Explorer
I Know it is Here Somewhere!
The New Bay House
Zoe Eating a Cherry.

After that it was back to Oceanside and relaxing.


On Wednesday, the project was to take Papa Jon (me) and the kids to the Statue of Liberty. The last time I went Karin was close to Valerie's age. We didn't have tickets to go to the crown, but did get up to the top of the pedestal. Valerie ended up with a headache and burned out part way through the event, ending up getting sick to her stomach on the train ride home. Still, something to talk about when she gets back to Botswana. Brian got a photo of Valerie in front of some tall buildings to make up for the stroller shot at the statue.

On the Train
At the
The Statue & the Ferry
On the Ferry
The Freedom Tower
Arriving at the Statue
Brian & Valerie
Getting Off the Boat
The Original Torch
The Freedom Tower
View From the Pedestal
Brian & Zoe
Inside Liberty
The Statue
In Front of Miss Liberty
Another Ferry Arrives
Leaving the Island
Valerie & Brian

So, we now have a bunch of tired kids (and adults, at least one of us) but are back in Oceanside.

Until tomorrow...

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