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April 20, 2004 - Packing & Rambling

Well, with less than a week left before leaving, it's time to think about packing. It seems we have twice as much "stuff" as the last trip. Of course, part of the reason is legitimate - the temperature range we expect to see goes from below freezing to well above 100 degrees. I also seem to have more cameras & photography gear than last time. Let's hope with the addition of a car top carrier, the minivan will hold everything.

Stopped in at AAA today and picked up a Tour Book, Campground Guide & map for almost every state in the country. In addition, we plotted the trip on a GPS & Delorme Street Atlas running on a small laptop in the car. Although I don't expect to get lost, I already know we will need to make some adjustments. It appears some of the roads we plan to take (such as the South Entrance to Yellowstone) are kind of iffy as to whether they will be open when we get there. We are completely flexible after the Graduation on May 15th, but getting through the Rockies needs to happen before then. Since the alternates are not real good, let's hope for a warm Spring in Yellowstone!

Because we vacationed with my brother David in Nantucket last year & rented an RV during the Summer of 2002, we have been digging out & checking the camping gear. So far everything works. We have mixed feelings about going back to a tent. The RV was easy to set up & break down (well I probably shouldn't say "break down" because it actually did) but a minivan goes lots of places the RV doesn't fit. In many of the parks & campgrounds, the tent sites are much nicer than the RV sites. In addition, the rental for 2 months cost more than a down payment on buying a RV. The best quote I received for the trip was around $12,000.00 + gas @ 6 miles to the gallon. That buys motel rooms for many many cold or rainy nights.

I tried a Wi-Fi (Wireless Ethernet) connection for the first time on my Powerbook & it worked like a charm. Hopefully, we will be able to find Wi-Fi connections on the trip, because I have not had much luck with the dial up version of Road Runner. Not sure if it is me or Road Runner, but so far no luck dialing in from either Oswego or Binghamton.

Well, enough for now. I hope to do another update just before we leave on Sunday.


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