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Sunday, December 22, 2013, Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ, Day 14 - 0 miles, 4,822.7 For the Trip

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A beautiful day for the last one at Buckskin Mountain State Park. Tomorrow I move 15 miles north to Cattail Cove State Park. It was another cool night - down to 41°F overnight, however it made up for it by hitting 65°F today.

I spent a long time reading the Sunday Syracuse Post Standard on my iPad, then took a walk around the campground. There is a Scamp 13 a few sites away from mine. I met the owners when they stopped by to look at the Escape. They are looking for something bigger, and were impressed by the Escape 17. Kathleen is an artist working in paint, pottery & printmaking, with a web page at KathleenWiestStudios.com. She gave me a nice card with a painting of the Superstition Mountains.

I finally managed to make a Skype connection with my daughter & grandkids in Botswana. They are 9 hours ahead of me, so finding a time we are both up & on the computers is difficult. They are doing fine, and did get the birthday & Christmas cards I mailed from Douglas, AZ in mid November. My older granddaughter Valerie has a great sense of humor - I sent her a talking Christmas card that had a Gingerbread man on a baking sheet yelling "It's Hot, It's Hot!". Wasn't sure, but at 6 years old she loved it.

I tried for more bird photos this afternoon. I got some, including a covey of Quail (why are Pigeons flocks, Crows murders, and Quail coveys?) I also got a few of the Coots hanging out in the river. I was hoping for a shot of one of the Gila Woodpeckers that have been hanging out at the hummingbird feeder. They don't quite fit, but manage to stop by for a drink. No luck - they take off as soon as the camera moves. I got all of them mad at me - I took down the feeder to clean & pack it for leaving tomorrow. The hummingbirds kept coming back to the post looking for it.

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Scamp 13 From Alaska
A Neat Tree
Coots on the Colorado River
A Covey of Quail
A Single Quail

Dinner was a frozen single serving pizza.

Until tomorrow -

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