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Day 93

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Friday, January 10, 2014, La Paz County Park, AZ, Day 5 - 0 miles 4,878.8 For the Trip

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I think I'm getting used to the snowbird life - I actually didn't do anything today, and didn't feel guilty about it. I did take a couple of laps around the campground, made a run to Parker for some hamburger rolls and other supplies. I was hoping to find a pole to hang my hummingbird feeder from, but no luck. There is a Swap Shop tomorrow that he campground host says sells just about everything, so maybe they will have something there. I also placed an Amazon order that I had shipped to the campground. According to the host, there is no problem getting UPS or FedEx shipments as well as normal US postal service mail; I guess I'll find out. I do see a FedEx truck go by my site every day.

No photos today - the sunset was OK, but nothing new or different than those I've already posted. Dinner was a cheeseburger & salad.

Until tomorrow -

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