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Day 103

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Monday, January 20, 2014, La Paz County Park, AZ, Day 15 - 0 miles 4,878.8 For the Trip

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After breakfast I stopped by the campground office to add the next two weeks to my stay. When I registered, I was told that after moving to a permanent site all they would do is check my electric meter & book the second two weeks at the monthly rate plus $.16 per KWH used. Evidently, they were mis informed - if I wanted the monthly rate I would have to stay for a month starting today. So, I'm booked at the weekly rate which is a bit more expensive, but with no electric charge. I looked at how much electricity I used over the first couple of days, and the monthly difference came out to about $40.00 in favor of the monthly rate, so I'm still much less expensive than the state parks.

I drove into Parker to get the parts to hang the TV. On the way back I saw an Escape 19 in the golf course parking lot. I bought some 4mm machine screws to mount the TV to a couple of pieces of aluminum that hang from some hooks in the cabinet over the foot of the bed. The directions that state the length of the 4mm machine screws was wrong, so after building the brackets & finding the screws wouldn't tighten, it was back to Parker for shorter ones. So, it is hung. Not quite level - I still need to file the hole in one of the hangers a bit larger to level it, but, like all projects, it took long enough that I'll save adjusting it for later.

I added a photo of the TV & yesterday's XM Radio project:

Hanging the TV
The XM Radio Mount

I was planning grilled chicken for dinner, but it is not quite defrosted. While thinking about what to make, someone rode by on a bicycle and shouted - "The tacos at the Roadrunner Bar (the floating bar next to the campground) are great". I forgot that Monday is Taco Night (well, since it starts at noon, I guess it should be called Taco Day). Six beef tacos for $5.00. They also have 4 chicken or fish tacos for $5.00, and since I can't eat 6 beef tacos, I decided to try the chicken & fish. The chicken - OK, but the fish tacos were excellent.

Until tomorrow -

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