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Day 132

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014, Imperial Dam BLM, CA, Day 9 - 0 miles, 5008 For the Trip

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After breakfast I headed to Yuma for my errands. There are three Allstate offices in Yuma, and, of course, I picked the one furtherest from my other stops. Other than that, they were very nice about putting together a packet with all my coverage information, along with the proof of insurance cards. I also managed to pick up my meds at CVS, and like the last time, my 3 refills switched to 0. I know this is done in NY, but was told most states didn't eliminate refills on a transfered prescription. According to the CVS pharmacist, it is the fault of my home town pharmacy since they stated there were no refills. Who knows? According to this CVS, I'll have to call in or stop in with a refill request that they will FAX to my doctor in order to get new prescriptions. I do have paper copies of all my prescriptions; it may be easier to just use them for the next refill. I'll worry about that in 90 days!

Since there is no Safeway in Yuma, at least according to my GPS, I found an Albertsons & shopped there. They don't use a discount card, seem to be a bit more expensive than Safeway, and have less of what I usually purchase on sale. In any case, I'm restocked.

Since I didn't take any photos, I'm adding a few hummingbird images from yesterday, and a 1 hour, 13 1/2 minute star trail exposure from last night. A good star trail requires absolute darkness. Even though it looked dark last night (at least until the moon came up) there was enough light to whiten the sky far more than desired. In any case, there were few enough clouds to the north (the star that appears as a point rather than a circle is the North Star) that I did get an image. While the moon rise will be later tonight, giving me more time for the sky to get dark, there are lots of thin clouds that will probably cause problems. At least the clouds held off long enough that my batteries are back to full.

Hummingbird with Tongue
Too Bright Star Circle


Dinner is going to be a cod fillet, and asparagus. I tried for halibut, one of my favorites (other than blue fin tuna & striped bass) but they didn't have any. The fish monger (actually the butcher) said they didn't have any because it was going for $30.00 per pound. I guess that is a bit steep, although when you are buying for one, it doesn't seem as bad as when feeding a family...

Until tomorrow -

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