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Day 160

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014, Valley of Fire State Park, NV, Day 9 - 0 miles , 6011.9 For the Trip

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Well, the internet came back, so yesterday's posting made it. The wind died down a bit last night, but with the semi calm came the cold. Down to 45°F - I even plugged in the electric heater.

I didn't do much besides sit around today - while it was cold during the morning & I spent much of it inside the trailer, by late afternoon it was warm enough to sit outside. The internet was off & on during the day, but I did get to read some of my favorite forums, and, of course, my current book, an earlier (2000) J. A. Jance book a bit different from most of hers - Kiss of the Bees.

No photographs today. I thought about shooting the full moon last night, but it was too windy & cold for me to sit out.

Dinner was a steak & a Koor pasta dish that wasn't worth the trouble of cleaning the pot afterwards. Tonight I'm soaking a bag of 16 bean soup mix that I'll cook in the crock pot tomorrow.

Until tomorrow -

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