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Tuesday, July 1, 2014, Butte Valley Fair RV Park, Tulelake, CA - 132.5 miles, 12,151.8 For the Trip

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For the first time in awhile, I ran out of water. Since the fresh water tank is semi transparent, and visible from the water hookup, I usually notice when I'm running low. Because I only carry 1/3 of a tank unless I know I'm going to be dry camping for more than a couple of nights, the gauge isn't much help since the pump looses suction while the lights still say 1/3 of a tank left. I carry a gallon of store bought water in case I run into bad tasting water so I had that to use to flush the toilet & make coffee. I filled the tank to a little over 1/3 on the way out of the park.

A very quiet night, and great dark skies, however there were so many tall trees around my site that I skipped any star photos. I woke up around 8:00 (after my usual 4:00AM temporary wake up).

View Along CA 299
Butte Valley Fair RV Park, Tulelake, CA


Rather than take CA 89 into Oregon I opted for CA 299 & CA 139. No good reason, but I've done CA 89 a bunch of times, and while there is a good view of Mt Shasta, and a stop at Burney Falls State Park is along the way, I wanted to do something different. I did stop for a couple of photos along CA 299.

I'm in site ? (they are not numbered), a full hookup site and free showers for $18.00 per night at the Butte fairgrounds. Reasonably level sites on grass. While I suspect it fills during fairs, there is only one other trailer in the park.

I forgot to unfreeze anything so I may go into Tulelake to see what is available, or do something in the toaster oven. Only problem with that is I would have to dig out my folding table - no picnic tables at any of the sites. It is buried behind a bunch of stuff since I haven't used it in months, so I'd like to avoid that!

I'm hoping to find a place for the weekend tomorrow. As usual, I didn't plan for the 4th of July weekend, and all the Oregon state parks are booked. A few have first come loops, so I'll try for them.

Well, dinner was early - I'll probably have something light later tonight. There isn't much in town, but the grocery store had a Chester's Chicken booth inside & I brought some chicken tenders & onion rings back to the trailer.

Until tomorrow.

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