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July 30, 2001 (147mi) - It's not so big (Gulp)

Well, it was time to pick up the Fiesta. The Fiesta we picked up was fairly new - 6727 miles, and Ray walked us through all the systems. An hour later we were ready to head back to Oswego.

I know those of you that drive RV's think a 31' Class A is about as small as you can get, and I really was not that concerned about driving it - I have driven a number of trucks we rented to do tours as part of my job at SUNY Oswego, but gee, this thing is wide! Part of it is the driving position. It takes some getting used to to center it on your lane. And, of course, less than 5 miles from picking up the rental we came to a set of Jersey barriers just slightly wider than the RV. Anyhow, even getting it into our driveway was a bit difficult - we live on a narrow road & there is a 3' deep ditch on either side of the drive. After a couple of tries it was in.

It Fits in Our Driveway - Can We Keep it?


Packing for an RV trip proved to be quite a bit different than our normal "camping gear in the van" procedure. It was great to have all the room, but we had to keep deciding what needed to go inside & what could go in the basement storage. Never had that problem with the van! We also wired in a CB so we could talk to the Guidos - Because they are driving their van we won't need a toad to haul along behind the RV. We are due in Chenango Valley State Park just outside of Binghamton this evening - The plan is to meet Don & Anne, and make sure we all fit, and have everything we need while we are still close to home (well, at least Don & Anne's home).

Their directions to the park were great. We set up into Site 28, one of the few available that had electricity (only 20 amps), but it was cool enough that we didn't need the air conditioning. And, I really like the "Set Up," at least compared to tenting - Level the RV & plug it in! Since food shopping isn't planned until tomorrow, we went out for dinner with the Guidos.

Carol Settles In
Site 28, Chenango Valley SP



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