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August 16, 2000 (288 miles)

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Today we crossed into Canada at Grand Portage and continued on the Canadian route 61 to Thunder Bay. There we switched to CA 17 and followed the northern coast of Lake Superior. I'm a sucker for any kind of gem mining so we stopped at a Amethyst Mine. I'm not sure which one it was - there are a number of them in the Thunder Bay area. It was certainly one of the less developed ones, judging from the photos, but I did find a bunch of them & still have a box of them here in Oswego.

Amethyst Mine, Thunder Bay
Amethyst Mine, Thunder Bay
Amethyst Mine
Amethyst Mine

Again, it was a low mileage day because of the stop at the mine. We reached Marathon, Ontario & stayed for the night at the Peninsula Inn, room 122 for $67.50 Canadian. Although the room was quite pleasant, there is a large paper mill in town & it stinks!

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