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Day 150

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Saturday, March 8, 2014, Texas Springs Campground, Death Valley National Park, CA, Day 3 - 0 miles , 5802.1 For the Trip

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Well, I got just as many complaints about the new background gray as I did for the original black, so I'm going with something in between.

I took a walk down to the Furnace Creek Borax Museum to watch an exhibit of flint knapping. While I've read lots about it since I'm as fan of the W. Michael & Kathleen O'Neal Gear's North America's Forgotten Past books ( People of the _____), I have never actually watched someone doing it. Had an interesting talk with the Knapper.

After that it was back to the campground. I climbed the hill behind Texas Springs and took a couple of photos of both the campground, Sunset Campground, and a panorama of the Furnace Creek area.

Steam Engine That tried to Replace the 20 Mule Teams
The Flint Knapper
Texas Springs Campground
Sunset Campground
Rocks Above the Campground

A Panorama of the Furnace Creek Area (Large 1.5MB Version)

After that I sat around the campground reading, and showed the trailer to a couple of campers. I made an early dinner around 3:30 of stir fried chicken with potatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms & asparagus. It was great, and I have enough left over for tomorrow. It is one of the dishes that is messy enough that I only make it when the campground has a slop sink (like here).

Since there was some decent afternoon light I decided to drive to Zabriskie Point for a couple of photographs, including another panorama.

Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point
Park Sign

Zabriskie Point (Large 1.8MB Version)

Until tomorrow -

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