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Day 151

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Sunday, March 9, 2014, Texas Springs Campground, Death Valley National Park, CA, Day 4 - 0 miles , 5802.1 For the Trip

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A nice, quiet Sunday, at least until I opened my folding chair. On the seat was a new friend! It must have crawled in overnight. Now I know they tell you to shake out your shoes in the morning in the desert if you leave them outside your trailer or tent, but I'm not sure I believe in shaking. I shook the chair all over the place & it never thought about letting go. I finally pushed it away with a stick. I'm not sure it was all there - it looks like the stinger on the tail is missing, but I sure didn't want to mess with it. After that, I went through all the nooks and crannies of the chair to be sure he didn't have a friend along.

I made bacon & pancakes for brunch - another meal that is tough to clean up after in the small trailer sink, so it is one I save for campgrounds with kitchen sinks. I did get to read my Sunday Syracuse paper, although at the fairly slow 3G connection here at the campground, it took a long time to download. After that it was goofing off reading, catching up on some forums, etc. I did take a break from taking a break to drive to the gas station to fill up for the trip out tomorrow. I exaggerated on the price of gas on a previous post - it was only $5.42 per gallon.

Dinner will be left over chicken stir fry.

Until tomorrow -

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