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Day 173

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Monday, March 31, 2014, Riviera RV Park, Las Vegas, NV - 127.7 miles , 6242.3 For the Trip

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I only thought it was windy during the afternoon. Around 4:30 the real wind came up. The rain stopped, the sun came out, and enough wind arrived to do some damage. AccuWeather said the gusts were at 45MPH, but I suspect they were a bit more than that. It blew my portable solar panels 20' from the trailer (and they had 2 - 10 lb rocks on the legs), the satellite antenna off the roof of the campground host, and moved a boat (on a wheel chocked trailer) across the parking lot and almost into the lake. A rock in a lucky location stopped it. After the wind died down they managed to pull it back into the parking lot. As to my panel, nothing broke, so I hope it will work the next time I need it. I didn't want to try to set it up until the wind died, and by then it was too dark for it to work.

I ended up with soup for dinner - there was no way I could have cooked my burger in the wind. Of course, about a half hour after dinner the wind died down to nothing!

Almost in the Lake
Site 69, Riviera RV Park, Las Vegas, NV

I stopped for the day at the Riviera RV Park in Las Vegas. Nothing to write home about other than it is inexpensive at $24.34, and a convenient one night stop on the way to California. It does have full hookups, and showers, something that is nice after a week of dry camping. My plan is to do short drives unless I discover a location that I want to spend some time in. I thought about revisiting Hearst Castle since the last time I was there was in 1969, but boy the prices have gone up! I think I'll skip it & dig out the old photos...

I'll try again for a bison burger for dinner, although is is pretty windy here in the campground. Might be another soup night!

Until tomorrow -

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