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Day 174

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014, Calico Ghost Town, CA - 142.1 miles , 6384.4 For the Trip

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I did have my Bison burger for dinner last night, however I broke one of my rules (since they are mine, no problem) and cooked it inside. Too windy for the grill outside, and besides, there was no picnic table to put it on. I haven't had a fried burger in years, but it was OK, and with both the trailer fan & the stove hood running, it doesn't smell too bad inside.

I stopped on I15 to take a photo of the other type of solar - a plant that uses hundreds, or even thousands of mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a receiver on a tower. They use water or some other liquid to produce steam and power conventional turbines to make electricity.

Most of the drive was into a pretty stiff headwind - combined with the hills, I was getting around 10 MPG rather than the usual 15. I stopped for the day at the Calico Ghost Town, a San Bernardino County Regional Park. At $35.00 for full hookups, not the least expensive of the trip, but I wanted to do the tourist thing & wander through the buildings (make that shops). Similar to the Goldfield Ghost Town near the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, right down to the narrow gauge train. I particularly liked the Hyena House Hotel; boards covering natural holes in the sides of the rocks in the town.

Solar Farm & Tower
Calico Information
Calico Ghost Town
Anyone for a Bath?
The Train
Bottle House
Calico Ghost Town
The School
The Fire Wagon
A Crooked Shack
Hyena House Hotel
Hyena House Hotel
Site 13, Calico Ghost Town

I managed to step on a wad of gum that will take quite a bit of work to get out of the treads of my New Balance running shoes...

Still pretty windy, but so far the rain that is hitting much of California is holding off. Blue skies, although there are lots of clouds in the distance. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to have a Country Fried Steak at the ghost town restaurant, or grill a piece of chicken for dinner. The wind will probably make the decision for me.

Well, it is later, and the wind never died down, so it was a chicken fried steak dinner. Actually, one of the better ones I've had. Other than undercooked french fries (and I have to admit I like mine cooked more than most) it was far more than I expected at a tourist trap restaurant.

Until tomorrow -

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