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Saturday, June 7, 2014, Nk'Mip Campground, Osoyoos, BC, Day 3 - 0 miles, 9472.3 For the Trip

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My project today was to make a blueberry pie. I had to give up two of my 18 oz boxes of blueberries because they weren't Canadian, but I found the there are less than 8 oz of blueberries in a cup. So with the 4 18 oz boxes, I had enough to make two pies, with a few left over for snacking. I set up the toaster oven on the picnic table to avoid heating up the trailer. The pies came out OK, however I really prefer the pie pans I have at home to the ones I carry in the trailer. For some reason, the crust sticks to these. Oh well, I'll try to remember to flour them for the next batch. In any case, they tasted pretty good and both disappeared by the end of dinner.

The beer exchange was a bit different than those I've been to before - rather than exchanging directly from the beer cartons, everyone put their beer on a table, and on the word "Go" (well, minor exchanges were occurring before) everyone dove in and filled their carton. It worked well, and gave people a chance to look over the labels before committing themselves to a trade. Probably would be tough to do at a campground without tables...

Tammy had us arrive at the pot luck early and announced that they would be taking a group photo from a helicopter with all of us standing outside the hall. Of course I had to take a photograph of the group waving at the helicopter!

I'll stick a couple of photos here; many more at the rally page.

I added more photos at the Escape Rally page, as well as a second page that includes the beer exchange, the pot luck dinner & more.

Dinner was the Pot Luck, and everything was great! After dinner I spent a little time helping clean up, than headed back to the trailer to post the photos.

Until Tomorrow -

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