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I've been on a trip around the US & Canada, and one of my planned stops was the The Escape Rally put together each year by Escape Trailer Industries, the manufacturer of my trailer. This year it was held from June 5 - 8. There are over 100 trailers (and, of course, their owners) attending, as well as a number of future owners looking to see what the different models offer.

There are so many trailers that I won't be able to name everyone, so I'm just adding the photos, most without captions.

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First, more photos of trailers & their owners, then the tables at the Pot Luck Dinner. Reace flew over in a helicopter while Tammy chased us all outside for a group photo. Then it was back inside for the food.

Since I didn't take a helicopter ride to get high enough to shoot the entire campground (the Escape trailers are scattered from one end to the other), this pan includes the center section looking west from the washroom. This large version is 2.5MB.

And finally, the Sunday breakfast:


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