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Thursday, June 12, 2014, Smoky Mountain Campground, Castle Rocks State Park, Almo, ID - 156.8 miles, 10,278.8 For the Trip

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A pretty sunset last night, so I included a photo.

Plans change. I was going to try to make it into Utah today, but saw sign for City of Rocks National Reserve. There are City of Rocks in many states, but I've never been to the one in Idaho. A bit off the track - about 40 miles south of I84, but a good 2 lane road. I stopped at the visitor center & found that all the campsites but one were already reserved in the National Reserve, however there were a few that were open for one night in the nearby state park. I'm in site 10 at the Castle Rocks State Park. A bit more expensive at $28.32 for water & electric than last night, but a pretty site near the showers.

After dropping off the trailer I drove into the National Reserve. I'm glad I didn't try for the one open site in the Reserve - a very dusty road and the site was already taken. Lots of nice rock formations, many complete with climbers. While many formations had names, I didn't keep track of them so you will just have to guess which is which. To be even more confusing, I shot with both the D800 with the 24-70mm lens & the D700 with the 70 - 200mm lens and didn't put the images taken in the same location together. Since I only have one camera GPS & it was on the D800, you can't even use the EXIF data to determine where the D700 photos were taken. Sorry!

After driving around the National Reserve, I headed back to the campground. I'm relaxing for the rest of the afternoon, and will probably go to Almo for a pizza for dinner. It is too hot to cook, although I suspect it will cool off tonight - the campground is at 5562'.

Until Tomorrow -

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