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Friday, June 13, 2014, Salt Lake City KOA, UT- 187.6 miles, 10,466.4 For the Trip

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There was a very blue bird & his mate outside the trailer this morning, so I took a couple of photos.

I stopped by the City of Rocks State Park on the way out. The place is a bit confusing - the State Park's campground Smoky Mountain is next to the City of Rocks National Reserve, but the actual state park is about 5 miles back towards I84. At the suggestion of the park ranger, I didn't pull my trailer through the park, but left it at the first parking lot. I took a few photos of the formations, but do wish I had known about it when I was unhooked so I could see more of it. A fairly washboarded dirt road leading into the park - not bad enough to pop open the cabinets, but it did move stuff around!

A Blue Bird
His Mate?
City of Rocks State Park
City of Rocks State Park
City of Rocks State Park
Site W33, Salt Lake City KOA

I called Forster's Camera in Salt Lake City to see if I could have a rush job done on cleaning the sensor on the D700. I tried more than once, and all I seem to be able to do is move the dust spots around. They charge an extra $25.00 for the rush job, but I didn't want to wait here in Salt Lake City until Wednesday. Salt Lake City, like all of them is very busy, with backed up traffic all around, and crowded freeways. I did drive by to see the temple, but didn't stop - no parking nearby. Since I had to wait until close to 5:00 to pick up the cleaned camera, I chose to stay at the Salt Lake City KOA. I've mentioned before that I'm not a great fan of KOAs, but you do generally know what you are getting ahead of time. Expensive at $47.62 for full hookups, but the other two campgrounds I stayed in on the last trips through Salt Lake City were just about as expensive, and at least one (in an amusement park) was pretty noisy. So, for better or worse, here I am for the night.

I also decided to do some refills on prescriptions. Since there is no CVS, I went to the second drug store I used on the trip - Walgreens. Unfortunately, it was already 5:00, and the pharmacist insisted on calling my New York doctors before she would fill them. None were schedule drugs, and they didn't do that at the last Walgreens in Washington, but that is the deal here. The counter help suggested Rite-aid, a few blocks away - went there & they filled them with no problems. So far, getting refills has been a challenge on the trip.

After that it was back to the campground & grilled chicken & snap peas for dinner.

Until Tomorrow -

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