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Day 258



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Tuesday, June 24, 2014, Richfield KOA, - 209 miles,11,398.7 For the Trip

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The plan was to drive to Cedar City, find a campground, drop the trailer, then drive to Cedar Breaks National Monument. I saw a sign for Cedar Breaks a few miles before Cedar City, so I took the exit & headed for the park with the trailer in tow.

A couple of points: Yes, the RAV4 will pull an Escape 17B weighing 3000 pounds to the monument. Point 2 - I sure wouldn't do it again, or advise anyone else to do it! While I have pulled the trailer up an 18%, 4 mile grade without too much trouble, the starting altitude was over a mile below that at the start of the pull to Cedar Breaks. It is also a much longer pull. End result? The only time I've had my foot to the floorboard in first gear & had the RAV4 slowing down. As I said, I made it, but it was a pull. The transmission temperature warning light never came on, but the scan gauge indicated it peaked at 266°F. I really wonder how hot it has to get to turn on the light! While there was a dirt road to the top, I quit at the first paved pull off at 10,435'.

I took a "through the windshield" (actually the driver's side side window) photo of a dust devil. Very impressive in that it was well over 100' high.

Cedar Breaks National Monument
A Dust Devil
Site G1, Richfield, UT KOA


After that it was on to Richfield, UT & site G1 at the KOA. As usual, more expensive than others, but there isn't much else in Richfield. After setting up it was off to get an oil change, and find a Walmart for some resupplies. They also have a large "Fresh Market" grocery store that had very good fried chicken, so that was dinner.

Until later -


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