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Wednesday, June 25, 2014, Great Basin National Park, NV & Lehman Caves, - 189.1 miles,11,587.8 For the Trip

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I decided to head across Nevada on US 50 (the Loneliest Road in America) , although I have to say UT 21 wins that prize. Only saw t cars & 2 trucks in over 100 miles, with 88 miles between gas stations. Along the way I stopped at Cove Fort for a couple of photos. The Mormon's give tours of the fort. A nice break along the way.

Anyway, just after crossing the Utah/Nevada border I stopped for the night at the Great Basin National Park. I've driven by signs for the park on many of my trips, but always found it too far out of the way, so didn't stop. This time I did. While I probably should have known, lehman Caves is part of the park. Since I love to photograph & take cave tours, I signed up at the Visitor Center. Unfortunately, all the long tours were sold out, so I ended up on the Lodge Room Tour. A very pretty cave with many different formations. While not as "Dead" as Carlsbad Caverns, it is not as "wet" as Caverns of Sonora (my favorite). You do get up close to the formations. I built a page of photographs.

After getting my tour ticket ($4.00 with the Senior Discount) I headed for the Lower Lehman Creek Campground & set up in Site 2. While a pull through, it is not very level - the 5" adjustment my Anderson leveler gets me wasn't quite enough, however I found that if I backed onto the gravel near the back of the site, I was level without it. Most of the sites are on a downhill slope as well as off to the sides. Like most of the National Parks, no hookups, but only $6.00 with the Senior Pass. The babbling creek is just behind my site - great sleeping music!

After setting up I drove to the Wheeler Peak Overlook on the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive. I didn't have time before my tour to go to the top, but it was a far more pleasant drive to 10,000' without the trailer! The view is incredible!

The Barn at Cove Fort
Cove Fort
Cove Fort
Cove Fort
The Cabin at Cove Fort
Site 2, Lower Lehman Creek Campground, Great Basin National Park
Lehman Creek
The View of the Basin

Surprisingly, I have a strong 3G signal on the Verizon network here at the campground. No AT&T, of course, but I was able to post all the cave photos without a problem. Since the campground is at 7752', even though it is in the high 80's right now, I suspect it will cool off quickly once the sun goes down. Too many trees around the campsite for any good star photos, but they have some wonderful examples taken in the park at the Visitor Center. I don't think I'm going to drive to the 9,000' viewpoint at 2:00AM for a photo, although I have to admit I'm wimping out compared to what I'd do 20 - 30 years ago!

Dinner will be grilled chicken breast & coleslaw.

Until later -


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