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Sunday, August 3, 2014, Starved Rock State Park, IL - 176 miles, 15,143.4 For the Trip

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I got up a bit late this morning after a lousy night's sleep - part brought on by worry about getting the tire repaired/replaced & also the campground. Among the other "interesting" happenings; missed football throws bouncing off the side of the trailer (they did apologise after the third thump). While campgrounds do have different ambiances, both of the worst have been county parks. Of course, some county parks have been great, so I'm not sure what causes the problems. Oh, and one more thing - the only other campground bad enough to mention in my post was where the next door neighbor brought out a chain saw. Well, guess what? Same here. This one was a standard 18" bar saw, but just as loud & out-of-place as the tree trimmer at the Laverne County Campground in OR. Best part about it was after one cut they ran out of gas! By the way, no bad smell from the spilled milk yet. Here's hoping!

I did notice that the other loop of the campground seemed more normal, and planned to move there for the day if I couldn't find a solution for the tire on a Sunday. Fortunately, the Theisen's Home Farm and Auto Center in Dubuque opened at 9:00AM, was only 10 miles away, and was willing to check the tire. As I expected, the nail was too close to the edge of the tread, so I needed a replacement tire. While I prefer Maxxis "D" rated tires, all they had available was a "C" rated no name brand.The "C" rated tires are what came on the trailer, and are OK for the weight, but I like the stiffer sidewalls provided by the heavier tire. I had them put the spare on the trailer & the new tire on the back as the spare. Since the Maxxis tires are pretty near the end of their life (well one of them is now past it) I will replace both with "D" rated Maxxis tires when I get home. I'll keep the new tire as a spare since the previous spare now on the trailer is 4 years old. I guess I can't complain about tire life - I've managed to get 53,000 miles out of two sets of trailer tires!

So, I got on the road a bit later than normal, and stopped for the day at Starved Rock State Park in IL. I'm in site 55, sloped enough that I had to unhook to level the trailer, but a very nice site. Large, quiet, and shaded. $25.00 for electric only, but there are showers nearby.

Mississippi Overlook
Mississippi Overlook
Site 55, Starved Rock State Park, IL

I stopped to take a photo of the Mississippi after crossing into IL, but that & the campground photo is all I took today. I did stop for some supplies, including another half gallon of milk (with a long check for leaks!) Dinner will be a grilled chicken breast & corn on the cob.

Until tomorrow.

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