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Day 7

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015, Panther Creek State Park, TN, 256.3 Miles, 977.8 Miles for the Trip

Much warmer this morning - 29°F and no frost to scrape off the RAV4. I left Babcock State Park around 9:00 AM & spent most of the day on interstates. I stopped for the afternoon around 2:00 at Panther Creek State Park in Tennessee. A very nice park, although fairly crowded for the beginning of the week. I'm in site 9, a water & electric site for $17.21, including a 25% senior discount.

Site 9, Panther Creek State Park, TN


The bathrooms are individual rooms, each with a handicapped shower. I've complained about cold bathrooms on the earlier part of the trip. Here, I can almost complain about how overheated they are. There is a non thermostat electric heater in each bathroom, and it sure keeps the room warm! Have to admit it felt good getting out of the shower, and the fan on the heater was powerful enough to work as a hair dryer (not that I have all that much to dry).

They have a 1 washer/1 dryer laundry room that is $.75 per machine so I did a load. I should say I started one - one of the individuals using it keeps running the dryer over and over again while the rest of us pile up our wet laundry. I hope my turn in the dryer comes up before dark!

I had a big lunch today, so I don't think I'll be making anything big for dinner. Maybe some cheese & crackers or such.

Until tomorrow.

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