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Day 23

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Thursday, November 5, 2015, City of Rocks State Park, NM, 39.8 Miles, 2,956.7 Miles for the Trip

A very short drive today. My first stop was to pick up my package at the Deming Post Office. $19.99 for a 2 day overnight delivery. To be honest, the package did say 2 day delivery because Deming is not on the list of overnight locations, so I can't complain, although I feel there should be a discount from the overnight price. In any case, I'm back to being able to write checks.

I've been to City of Rocks a couple of times, each planning to stay in the prettier non electric sites. As usual, I wimped out with the predicted overnight temperatures of 30F or less. I'm in site E6, also called the Saturn site. The sites in the park are given astrological names. It is a water & electric site for the usual New Mexico State Park price of $14.00 per night. If you have a New Mexico Passport pass non electric sites are free & electric only $4.00, but the pass is $225.00 for non residents, so I'd have to stay longer than I planned to make it worth buying the pass. Still, a great deal for residents of New Mexico that do lots of camping. $180.00 for the year long pass; $100.00 for seniors over 62.

It is quite cool with a bit of wind. I did sit outside, but was wearing a sweatshirt with hood. I took a couple of walks around the rocks to catch the afternoon light - very colorful if there is a good sunset, but with today's clear skies, not a lot of color. I did see a drone flying around the campground. No idea where it was being flown from, but it made a number of flights over the afternoon.

City of Rocks State Park, NM The Electric Section of the Campground
A Seal! Site E6, Saturn The Drone Rocks on the Hill
Near Sunset Well After Sunset    

Dinner is cooking as I type - the last of my frozen burritos. I'll have to stop for some more, maybe tomorrow in Silver City if I go to Gila Cliff Dwellers National Monument. I hope it warms up tomorrow - at 6:00PM it is 50°F and dropping fast!

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