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Monday, February 1, 2016, Dome Rock BLM Area, Quartzsite, AZ, 11.6 Miles, 4,057.9 Miles for the Trip

"It was a dark and stormy night". I've always wanted to start a journal entry with that rather hackneyed phrase written by English novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton, and last night was the time to do it. It started with even more wind than the afternoon, then the rain started, and finally, thunder & lightning. It was blowing so bad that during a break in the rain I went out & brought in the "glowing ball", afraid I would see it bouncing across the campground. I also "battened down the hatches" ie closed the front window cover since it was rattling in the wind.

By morning it was still gloomy, but the wind died down a bit & it wasn't raining. I went for coffee & got caught in a light rain on the way back to the trailer.

Throughout the day the sun has been peaking out under a layer of clouds & dust, enough that my batteries are back to full, but not enough to provide much warmth. Mel (in the Toyota class C next door) left today for Dome Rock (but not the rally area), and Glenda & Wendy both packed up their Casitas & headed to Dome Rock for an early start to the Quartzsite Fiberglass Trailer Rally, which officially has an early start date on the 8th. I will head over either later today or tomorrow.

It is still blowing enough that only the nearby Dome Rock Mountains are visible, and even those disappear into the dust clouds at times. I drove over to Dome Rock to see what the area the rally will be in looked like. Fairly empty, with one class C in the middle of the planned section. If he stays, he is going to be surprised when 100 small trailers move in! After that I came back to La Posa West to pay some bills, start today's journal entry & put away stuff that I won't use between now & when I move.

Well, I did decide to move this afternoon. No reason, other than who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow. No line at the dump station or water fill so that went quickly. I did have to defend that my "little" trailer was livable for months at a time to an owner of a 38' Class A at the water fill station. He did admit that he was turned away at some of the National Parks for being too big, complained about his gas mileage, and the lack of a vehicle to drive after parking the RV...

I picked out my spot at Dome Rock. So far there are three Casitas & my Escape. Glenda & Wendy are parked a little further back than I wanted, however I'm sure the entire area will fill up over the next two weeks. I have a spot next to a cactus & tree a little further from the road than the last time I was here, but close enough for easy trips to town (which I'll probably be doing for dinner - it is still too windy to cook outside).

My Site at Dome Rock Glenda & Wendy Pretty Empty!

Some of the campsites here are works of art. Since my name isn't Kate, I didn't feel right taking the place pictured below, but they did a lot of work on the site:

Kate's Site A Fancy Fire Pit A Big Lizard

Until tomorrow -

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