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Tuesday, February 2, 2016, Dome Rock BLM Area, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 2, 0 Miles, 4,057.9 Miles for the Trip

No rain & the wind died down to normal overnight. Very cool morning at 37°F and it only warmed up to 55°F during the day. I made a pot of coffee for the first time in weeks - a bit of a long walk to the 76 gas station from here! Plenty of sun to replace the extra amp hours it used to make the coffee & I have to admit, better tasting coffee.

While I was sitting outside 3 Olivers & a Casita wandered into the campground. After exploring the hilltop & other areas, they settled into the area east of me. A nice group of people from the southeast.

I took a break and walked to one of the mountains (well, actually I'd have to call it a hill) to take a photo of the almost empty camping area. I hope to get a chance to do the same on Saturday of the rally to show a full camping area. Don't click on the large link unless you have lots of data & a fast connection - it is around 13.2MB.

Olivers & a Casita


The Entire Camping Area 2/2/16 (Full Size 13.2MB Panorama)

By the time I got back it was journal time & dinner. Since I had a large lunch, I'm just having cheese & crackers for dinner.

Until tomorrow -

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