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Day 130

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Saturday, February 20, 2016, Imperial Dam BLM LTVA, CA, Day 6, 0 Miles, 4134.6 Miles for the Trip

I keep saying (well, typing) "Another quiet day at Imperial Dam", but that is what it is. I discovered a Casita fiberglass trailer across the way from mine. Walked over & chatted with the owner for a bit. He is another long term camper at the AZ/CA LTVA's.

I made a full sized breakfast after my walk - Bacon & Pancakes. After that it was sitting & reading. While the temperatures are comfortable at 80°F or so, the sun is strong enough that finding shade is necessary. The wind is a bit less than yesterday.

After lunch I went in search of a cell phone signal, not for the hotspot (Verizon provides good 4G coverage at my site) but AT&T to talk with my son & friends. Two years ago I found a good signal at the top of the hill near one of the bathrooms, but this year only one bar & no voice connections. I drove to the golf course near Hidden Shores and managed to get 3 bars & a connection to call my son. All is well in Oswego, although strange weather. Snow, then rain, rain something usually unheard of in February. In any case, it is warmer here! I tried to make a FaceTime connection to a friend currently in Key West, FL, but no luck.

Dinner was a southwestern salad.

Until tomorrow -

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