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Saturday, February 27, 2016, Valley Vista RV Resort, Benson, AZ, Day 4, Amerind Museum & Dragoon Rocks, 0 Miles, 4,422.2 Miles for the Trip

A quiet Saturday morning at the campground. I decided to visit the Amerind Museum today. Not only was the museum & art Gallery interesting and very worthwhile (no photographs allowed) but there are many Dragoon rock formations on the museum grounds. I wandered through the picnic area and took many photographs, including a few of an old set piece for the movie "3:10 to Yuma".

Dragoon Rocks at the Amerind Museum Picnic Area
Dragoon Rocks at the Amerind Museum Picnic Area Set Piece for "3:10 for Yuma"
Dragoon Rocks at the Amerind Museum Picnic Area
The Art Gallery The Amerind Museum    

After that I stopped next door at the Triangle T Ranch & the Rock Saloon & Grill for lunch. There is an very impressive rock behind the bar. Lunch was pretty good. There is a painting on one wall of the bar that has the faces of many of the actors that made films in the Dragoons. While I didn't recognize all of them, I did ID John Wayne standing behind the fire wearing a blue bandanna. They also have a campground (with full hookups) at the ranch as well as horse rides, weddings & casitas (the buildings, not the trailers).

Triangle T Ranch The Rock Saloon & Grill Interior Movie Star Cowboys

The wind came up during the late afternoon, and a neighbor's awning flipped over the roof of their Class C motorhome. We fiberglass trailer owners tend to go overboard knocking the build qualities of "Stickys" (the term used for traditional stick built trailers), but in this case it is well deserved. The Phoenix awning was attached to the side of the motorhome with two #10 3/4" sheet metal screws. Needless to say, flipping the awning across the roof tore it loose. I helped him fold up the remains...

Since I had a large lunch, dinner was just a couple of snacks.

Until tomorrow -

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