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Thursday, March 10, 2016, Rio Grande Village Campground, Big Bend National Park, TX, Day 2, 0 Miles, 5,078.3 Miles for the Trip

A very windy night, although it didn't get as cold as I expected. The furnace never came on, so I probably will not need propane until after I leave the park.

I walked around the campground before breakfast - saw a couple of Casitas, a couple of Scamps, and an Escape 21 (belonging to one of the campground hosts). Fiberglass trailers are well represented, although many of the sites are large enough for just about any sized RV.

I drove over to the camp store with my laptop to post yesterday's journal. The WiFi is quite usable, even for posting photographs.

After that I decided to go to Mexico for lunch. While I've been to Canada many, many times, the last time I can remember crossing into Mexico was on my family's 1950 cross country trip. I suspect it was simpler then, although it wasn't all that difficult today. After showing my passport to the immigration agent I walked through the gate & down a path to the river. For $5.00 you get a round trip ticket to be rowed across on the "ferry".

On the Mexican side you have a choice of a truck ride, a mule or burro ride, or walking, as well as, if you want, hiring a guide. I walked the mile to the village of Bosquillas. Quite a difference from the US side of the border. Lots of stands selling souvenirs, and kids running up to you doing the same. Nothing obnoxious, but interesting. I walked the length of the town taking a few photographs, then headed to the Jose Falcon's Restaurant & Bar for lunch. I had enchiladas in red sauce, along with taco chips with huge bowls of dips, including enough guacamole for at least 4 people. That, along with a Dos Equis beer was $15.50.

The lunch time entertainment was provided by a gentleman with a guitar. While badly played, he made up for it in volume!

The Crossing Rules Looking At The Mexican Side The Ferry The Mules & Burros
Some Riders An Older Building Main Street A Church
Souvenir Stand Jose Falcon's Restaurant & Bar Fixing a Broken String
Playing & Singing Looking Across the Rio Grande Another Restaurant  

After lunch it was back to the ferry & the US. At the campground I talked with my neighbors John & Laura, who are returning east by vehicle after riding bikes across the US going west. They are looking at fiberglass trailers, so, of course, I gave them a tour of the Escape.

It is still very windy, but I'm going to try sitting outside for a bit. I decided to take a break from taking a break & go to the campground store for a shower & to post today's page. The shower rates fairly low - non adjustable thin stream of water, and a 1/4" deep puddle on the dressing room floor, despite a shower curtain. At least it did last for 5 minutes (for my $1.50). As to the WiFi, it is working, but much slower than yesterday. Might be the handful of people sitting at the tables outside the store with laptops! In any case, I hope all the photos posted.

Since I had a huge lunch, dinner will be cheese & crackers if I ever get hungry!

Until the next internet connection -

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