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Sunday, March 13, 2016, Rio Grande Village Campground, Big Bend National Park, TX, Day 5, 0 Miles, 5,078.3 Miles for the Trip

I hope all of you remembered to "Spring Ahead" into Daylight Savings Time, of course that is if you don't live in Arizona, where they ignore daylight savings time (except on the Navajo reservations, where they do daylight savings time). If you visit Page, AZ during daylight savings time, with the combination of Arizona time, Daylight Savings Time & Navajo Time, it is almost impossible to schedule anything. On top of that, I heard on NPR that California has a bill in their Assembly to also do away with daylight savings time - there was lots of discussion whether to just drop it like Arizona, or go to daylight savings time all year. Talk about a mess!

Normally, Sundays are a good time to arrive at state & national park campgrounds. People are packing up to go home after a weekend. Even the middle of the week is usually OK. When I arrived here last Wednesday, there were 5-6 open non reservable sites & about as many reservable ones (usually only good for one night). This morning the campground was declared full at 8:00AM. While Spring Break for us northerners means going a long way south or staying home, here everyone figures it is a great time to hit Big Bend. I feel sorry for all those hopeful faces pulling in in everything from a compact car with the camping gear on the roof, a rented Class C RV, to a diesel pickup towing a 35' 5th wheel. All are cruising through the campground multiple times hoping someone would leave. While there are a bunch of empty reserved sites starting on the 13th (today) they won't become available, if not filled, until 2:00PM tomorrow.

Today is another warm one. At 2:30, it was 81°F outside & even with the Maxxfan running, 85°F in the trailer. Last night did cool off (42°F) enough to cool the refrigerator, which gets unhappy if the night time temperatures don't drop below 70°F. I didn't do anything other than make pancakes for brunch. I used the last of my pancake mix - I'll have to look for more, but don't expect to find my favorite New Hope Mills Buttermilk mix. The rest of the day I keep moving to the shade as the sun traveled overhead. I did take a couple of walks around the campground, but no hikes in the rest of the park, and no interesting photographs. If the sky stays clear, I may go out to the turnoff for Bosquillas Canyon. It looks to be a good location for some nighttime star photos. There is far too much spill from the various campsites for photos at the campground.

Dinner will be a grilled chicken patty, the rest of the refried black beans with green chiles (which were very good) and some snap peas.

Until the next internet connection -

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