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Thursday, March 17, 2016, Maverick Ranch RV Park, Lajitas, TX, 41.3 Miles, 5,151 Miles for the Trip

After being nervous about Spring Break and the availability of campsites, I made a reservation at what I thought was a good distance away. Unfortunately, Lajitas is only about 40 miles from the park, so it was a short day on the road. This is a large full hookup campground; I'm in site 34. The place was empty until around noon when 31 Class A RVs showed up. I think I caught the name of the group - Red River Rovers. The campground WiFi was fast until they showed up, at which point it completely lost its connection to their internet provider. Unfortunately, while I have a good Jetpack signal, it is roaming on some other network than Verizon, & my plan does not allow roaming. Strangely, my iPad (which is also on Verizon) has no problem making a connection, although it is so slow it is unusable. So, last night's photos of the sunset at the Window & a few of the trailer under the stars will have to wait. As to the Window photos, it was a lousy sunset so the ones I took from the campground the night before last are better.

The Window Before Sunset Waiting for the Sunset Almost There And Sunset
The Trailer Under the Stars The Trailer Under the Stars Later in the Evening Site 34, Maverick Ranch RV Park  

The campground had individual rooms for showers, which is nice, but not a lot of room for your stuff while you shower. A large pool, but according to the kids in it, very cold.

I sat outside after lunch, being entertained by a diesel pusher that decided to stop with the engine aligned 10' from my site, then left it running for over a half an hour. Not sure why since he eventually moved into a site. No idea if he was part of the group.

While every once in a while a piece of email slips through on the campground WiFi, I can't see a web page or post, so I doubt this will get posted today. If I wake up at 4:00AM, maybe then! I managed to post at 11:00, so I don't have to get up at 4:00AM!

Dinner was a chicken patty sandwich & the rest of the rice from yesterday.

Until the next internet connection -

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