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Since the first page of rally photos is getting a bit large & slow to download, I have started a second page:

As of the latest check, over 150 trailers have been registered for the rally. There may not be quite that many here right now since a few have already left, but then again, there are probably some that are here and never registered at Greg's "Official" trailer. In any case, Dome Rock is filled with everything from Scamp 13s to a rare Bigfoot 28. About the only brands I haven't seen is a Boler or a Parkliner.

Thursday, February 11th:


Friday, February 12th:

The official count as of 1:35 today is 166 trailers registered. That makes it one of the largest, if not the largest fiberglass trailer rallies ever held. I added a few more photos after walking around the area:


Saturday, February 13th

Saturday morning was Sopapillas for breakfast. The first image was taken in the trailer where the humidity was high enough to fog the lens. While the Sopapillas were being made & cooked, Arizona Eileen's swap meet was running in the middle of the campground.


I took a photo of the empty campground from one of the mountains overlooking the area before everyone arrived, and another today:

The Entire Camping Area 2/2/16 (Full Size 13.2MB Panorama)

The Entire Camping area 2/13/16 (Full Size 9.5MB Panorama)


Another Mini Cooper pulled trailer arrived - a Happier Camper brought by the manufacturer. Not too many new trailers today. There was a Ladderball competition; I won't post my results, but included some photos, including a short movie at YouTube.

By the way, at 180 trailers registered for the rally, I & others believe this is the largest fiberglass trailer rally in the world. If you know of one larger, let me know & I'll make corrections.


The "End of Rally" campfire included entertainment by Ukulele Mark & the group he taught during the rally.

Sunday, February 14th:

The rally ended last night & many, but not all headed home today. I checked with Greg (the rally host) and the final count was 185 trailers registered, along with 5 non fiberglass RVs.

Heading Out Cool Ride The Hanger's On

Dave Palmer (an Escape owner) posted a six minute time lapse video at YouTube that shows arrivals & part of Saturday's Swap Meet: YouTube Video

Looking forward to the rally next year!

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