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I've always been interested in travel, having made over 13 cross country trips & many, many local travels around the Eastern US. (See our trip links on my home page.)

On this & the linked pages I have collected links to many RV Journals, RV Blogs & RV Travelogues. There are also links to other topics that may be of interest to travelers.

I owe a great debt to those authors who have pointed out many of the wonderful places we have found through their web pages. I have quoted the web page's "About Us" in most cases, and added additional information that might be helpful in providing a description of the link.

I now have a blog at Goggle that covers my adventures with an Escape 17B Travel Trailer. It starts with my thoughts on the purchase of the trailer, continues with a 2011 111 day, 18,700 mle trip to the southwest & western Canada, and will continue to cover my current & future travels: Jon's Journeys.

I keep links to photo pages of all my trips here, and many more photos here.

My 2012 138 day trip is available here.

A couple of more trips - A 2013 month long trip to Nova Scotia

And a 304 day trip to the Southwest and more in 2013-2014.

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RVing Blogs, Travelogues & Journals - When we travel, we usually mix camping with motels, but ever since renting one, we found traveling in a class A RV about the most comfortable way to see the US. To help make the decision to purchase one, we have been following a number of RVing Blogs & Journals. If you have a related web page, feel free to email me your URL so I can add it!

Like all my projects, this collection has a life of its own! In addition to the journals & blogs, there are links to many other pages of interest to RVers & travelers.

Below are some links to those that I have found. I will continue to add to & update these as time permits:


Please note that I add any pages that I find that have any possible relationship to RV traveling without screening or evaluating. I do have some favorites - they usually appear at the beginning of each page, but feel free to choose & follow those sites that meet your interests & needs.

Note - An asterisk indicates a link that is a personal blog.

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Free WiFi Hotspots (Added 12/4/14)

Pete & Dee (Added 10/29/14)*
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Parkliner Owner's Facebook Page (added 10/29/14)
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Blogs, Journals & Travelogues:

Updated Often - (Updated 12/4/14) These are pages that the authors update regularly, at least when they are traveling.

Updated Regularly - (Updated 12/4/14) These pages are updated less often than the previous group, but still usually have updates at least once a month.

Still Being Updated, But Not Regularly - (Updated 10/29/10) These pages are still active, but may not be updated every month.

Not Recently Updated, But Still Useful - (Updated 10/29/14) These pages have not been updated recently, but the authors have not indicated that they are no longer going to add to them.

No Longer Updated, But Lots of Information - (Updated 3/16/13) The authors of these pages have indicated that they are done updating their pages, or they have not been updated in over a year.

Non RV Travel Journals & Blogs - (Updated 10/2412) Although the overall direction of these pages are towards the RV user, there are many journals, travelogues, and blogs that may be of interest, even though the authors are traveling by car, motorcycle, or even on foot.

Hard to Define Collections - (Updated 3/15/06)

Other RV Links -

Technical & Advice Pages - (Updated 5/12/13) I have collected a bunch of links that may prove helpful to anyone maintaining a RV. As a retired electrician, I have heavily weighted the links to electrical information, but there are many links to other topics.

RV Information - (Updated 12/4/14) A collection of non-technical information for RVers & other travelers.

RV General - (Updated 11/2/08) What is left over!

Fiberglass Trailers - (Updated 2/1/14) A new section devoted to those interested in fiberglass "egg" trailers.

Lots of Links - (Updated 4/24/07) These are collections of links to links. It includes links to web pages that list other blogs, travelogue & journals as well as other collections of pages that may prove useful.

RV Rentals - (Updated 2/27/11) Links to organizations that rent RVs. I have only used The Great Outdoors so I can't rate them, but if you want to rent before you buy, this lists some places to check.

RV Dealers - (Updated 10/15/14) A collection of dealers that have requested I add them to the site. Again, I have not dealt with many of them so I only provide a connection, not recommendations.

RV Suppliers - (Updated 10/15/14) This is a collection of suppliers of parts, accessories and other items that may be useful to RV owners.

RV Manufacturers (Updared 2/21/12) This is a list of manufacturers that have requested a link to their sites or have been recommended by RVers. With a few exceptions, I have not dealt with any of them & cannot make recommendations - It is just a collection of links. The descriptions are usually quotes from their sites.

RV Parks & Resorts (Updated 12/30/12) This page lists parks that have requested they be added, or have been recommended by RVers.

Pre Owned RV Sources & RV Reviews - (Updated 11/17/11) Links to suppliers of used RVs as well as links that may be helpful in choosing and evaluating a used RV.

General Travel Links -

Travel Information - (Updated 2/27/13) These are links to sites that I have often used when planning a trip. Most of these will be of interest to all travelers whether they tour by RV or not. Be sure to check the "Destinations" link below for additional places to see.

Destinations - (Updated 6/24/06) Places that I feel are worth a stop when traveling.

Maps & GPS - (Updated 4/6/13) As a long time map lover & GPS owner, I have collected a number of links that may be useful to those interested in knowing where they are or where they are going.

Waterfalls ( Updated 10/1/08) If you enjoy looking at and listening to waterfalls, use these links to find ones near you or the places you plan to travel to. Many include GPS coordinates or directions to the falls.

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