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Day 26

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Friday, November 25, 2016, Matagorda Bay Nature Park, TX, Day 6, 0 Miles, 2,105.1 Miles For the Trip

Another short move, although a but further than the last one. I'm dry camping at the end of the loop just past the Nature Center building. I have a picnic table next door, and the parking area is level enough that I don't need to unhook. I'm hoping the people in site 26 will leave early on Sunday so I can move back into the South Campground Loop.

After parking the trailer (I really didn't set much up since there are no hookups) I went for a walk on the beach. I thought about driving, but I'd have to unhook the trailer & I'm parked close enough to a curb that I'd have to move the trailer to do it. Plus, I'm not familiar with the sand conditions to know if it is soft enough to need to air down the tires, and there is no nearby air compressor to air them back up. I do have a 12V compressor, but it would take forever to refill the truck tires.

After the walk I found most of the sand well packed, so I probably would have had no problems driving the beach. There are soft spots, but they can be avoided.

My "Site" On the Colorado River Looking for Fish The Pier on the Gulf

I read for the rest of the afternoon, finishing a really bad adventure book - The House of Wolves, by Matt Bronleewe. While reading many adventure novelists after a well written book like Blackberry Wine usually makes the writing of the adventure novel look worse than it really is, I have to say this one is pretty bad. I feel that if I start a book, I owe it to the author to finish, but I just made it through this one. The warning I ignored was all the praise for the book was by other authors. With the exception of first novels, this is usually a bad sign.

It is early for dinner, but I wanted to post this while there was still sun on the solar panels. If the wind dies down it will be a grilled chicken thigh & a Knoor's Rice & Pasta Blend with Cheese & Broccoli. If it doesn't, it will be soup on the inside stove.

Until Tomorrow -


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