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Day 27

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Saturday, November 26, 2016, Matagorda Bay Nature Park, TX, Day 7, 0 Miles, 2,105.1 Miles For the Trip

The wind died down enough that I could cook outside, so it was a chicken thigh for last night's dinner.

It is still pretty windy today. I've been told that wind is normal for just about anywhere on the Gulf, and Matagorda is no exception.

The end of the road dry camping area is not as quiet as the campground. One reason is I'm at the entrance to the beach access road, but things do calm down around 11:00.

By the time I finished toasting an English muffin & made a pot of coffee, the battery monitor showed I was down 15 amp hours. No problem making them up during the day with just the roof top solar panels.

I walked around the campground loop this morning and a few RVs pulled out, but otherwise the place is full. A woman stopped by the trailer & let me know they had arrived in an Escape 5.0TA. We talked a bit, then she headed back. On my second walk I met her husband and another couple that arrived in an Escape 21. When I went back to take some photos, a Casita arrived. Here I thought I'd be the first one here when I move in tomorrow (although I could count my earlier arrival since I've already been here 7 days). Even though we are in Texas where the Casitas are made , so far the Escapes are outnumbering them! They are doing a "Star Party" tonight & have couple of 10" telescopes they are setting up.

A Casita 17 An Escape 21 An Escape 5.0TA Telescope

I'm going to try the microwave on the inverter. I tested it at home with a glass of water & it did fine for 3 minutes, although the inverter did give a low voltage alarm. We will see how it does with the left over rice & pasta & cooking a frozen burrito. It is only a 600 watt microwave, so I have to extend cooking times when compared to the standard 1000 - 1200 watt ovens.

Well, it worked for cooking the rice & pasta and burrito, although not both at the same time. The alarm on the inverter buzzed the entire cooking time with the voltage at 11.2V and the inverter drawing 96 amps. total amp hours - 16.2. After shutting down the inverter, the battery voltage jumped back up to 12.6. It is too late in the day for much solar charging, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see any improvement.

Until Tomorrow -


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