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Day 87

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017, La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ, Day 30, 0 Miles, 3,991.7 Miles For the Trip

Another cool night; 37°F at 6:00AM. Tonight is suppose to be just as cold. After a walk for coffee & breakfast, I did my usual reading, then headed over to the Big Tent to purchase a $10.00 solar port to replace the one I installed a couple of years ago. The contacts are starting to fail, so while they are less expensive on the internet, they do have them in stock here at the show.

I asked the guy selling them if he had a 4" box mount TriMetric TM 2030A, the version of the battery monitor I plan to install in my new trailer. I have an older, surface mount version in my 17, the TM2025RV. I wanted to see how large a hole I would need to cut in the paneling of the new Escape 21 to fit the 2030A. So, of course, not only did I look at it, but I bought the kit, which includes the meter, the shunt, and a 35' connecting cable, spending $210.00 instead of $10.00!. Still a good deal, since they didn't charge sales tax & threw in the $10.00 solar port for nothing. Since the price was less than what I could buy it for on the internet, I made out OK.

When I got back, an Escape 21 moved in next door. Greg & his wife are towing it with a Tacoma, so I feel better about doing it with mine in the Fall. I toured their trailer, checking out some of the nice additions he has done to it. I also wandered over to the Vixen 21 crowd to take a couple of photos. Not as many as last year, and none of those with the pop up roof. Still, an interesting RV. They have a website with lots of information about them.

An Escape 21 The Vixens A Vixen 21 A Vixen 21

Dave & I went to the grocery stores where I picked up a chicken leg quarter, then, after getting back to the campground, around chatting. I drank my second to last Bear Naked Adirondack beer, then made dinner around 5:00.

Dinner was the chicken leg quarter, mashed potatoes, and snap peas. I got the Green Giant snap peas at Safeway rather than my usual ones from Walmart because the Parker Walmart didn't have them. Bad mistake - the Green Giant snap peas have strings, the Walmart peas don't.

Until Tomorrow -


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