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Day 91

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Sunday, January 29, 2017, La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ, Day 34, 0 Miles, 3,991.7 Miles For the Trip

Our group is getting smaller; Dave left this morning so there are only 2 Toyota Class C RVs (Linda & Mel) left. After breakfast I sat outside for a bit & read, then headed back to the show to see if there were any interesting last day sales. There were, but I didn't bite. I almost went for a $10.00 double LED panel light, but since I'm planning to sell the trailer & have already replaced the single panel lights with doubles in the areas where they make the most sense, I passed it up. By the way, last night was the largest display of fireworks for the week. Nothing tonight. The show ended at 5:00.

I made a run for propane during the afternoon - the 76 station where I usually get it didn't look like it was open on Sundays, so I headed to the Mobil station on the other side of town. $1.99 a gallon rather than $2.10 at the 76, but it was a bit tense - they were almost out of propane, and there were a bunch of people ahead of me with 30 lb tanks as well as a motorhome. The tank didn't run dry by the time mine was filled, so I made out OK. I also stopped at a couple of booths on the northwest side of town & picked up a couple of books & an interesting piece of obsidian. One of the booths at the Rock & Gem show wanted over $20.00 for the same size & type I purchased for $3.00. I guess it pays to shop around!

Back at the trailer I dug out the iPad & read the Syracuse Post Standard Sunday paper, catching up on the news back home. Mel, Linda & I sat around for awhile, then I broke to make dinner.

Dinner was a chicken Italian sausage, a salad, and my last refrigerated peach cup.

After dinner Linda & I sat around talking & checking out the crescent moon, along with Venus & Mars. A pretty night sky.

Until Tomorrow -


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