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Day 92

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Monday, January 30, 2017, La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ, Day 35, 0 Miles, 3,991.7 Miles For the Trip

A beautiful day at Quartzsite. It hit 74F during the afternoon.

I had what will probably be my last breakfast at the Bad Boy Cafe this morning - Sweet Potato Pancakes & bacon. I will move to Dome Rock either tomorrow or the next day and will probably do the 3-4 mile drive into Quartzsite less often.

After getting back to the trailer I read my usual blogs & forums, then sat out with Mel & Linda for a bit. I headed over to the big tent to take a few photos of the end of the show. The vendors have until tonight to get their stuff out, but most of them are long gone. I also walked over to K&B to pick up a folding rake, and the sock shop for another pair of merino wool socks. They are cheaper than I've found them on line, are very comfortable; much better than cotton socks, and, surprisingly, not overly hot in warm weather. I also took a photo of the 1 cylinder gas powered ice cream machine. I found one at one of our stops on our Alaska trip, but while the engine was there, it was powered by an electric motor. I only wish I had included the sound of this one - that one cylinder gas engine reminds you of the old John Deere tractors.

Empty Tent Packing Up The Hot Tubs The Last Ones Out An Empty Tent
The Ice Cream Machine      


After getting back to the trailer I sat in the sun & read, then made dinner, which was chicken Alfredo & the last of the stringy snap peas. If my typing is messy, I can blame it on the wine - I usually divide a bottle into 3 or 4 meals, but somehow the last couple of glasses must have been a bit light. I don't have enough for two nights, but probably more than I should have for one. Oh well, I don't have to drive anywhere, and I'll post this before I finish the rest of the bottle!

Until Tomorrow -


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